Batch Join and Unjoin Revit elements with custom order


By default, Autodesk Revit has its own joining rules for different elements category or some categories are not joined automatically. So in order to get the correct joining elements, you might need to join them or switch the join option manually. This task is painful and always takes a lot of time in any BIM project.

To save you from these boring tasks, we created the Batch Join and Unjoin Revit elements add in to help you do all these tasks in the Batch mode. 


Join and Unjoin element by Category , Family and Type

Batch Join/Unjoin is the first and only Revit add in that allow you to join or unjoin Revit elements by  Category, Family and Types. Simply double click on the list to expand selection then choose the correct level of elements you need to process.

Join and unjoin Revit elements by their Category , Family and Type

Extremely fast and reliable tool to join and unjoin Revit elements

With our special algorithm, the add in is extremely fast and reliable tool that will not crash your model during the join and unjoin process especially for the very large model where you have thousands of elements need to be processed.

The fastest Revit add in to join and unjoin elements

Supported Revit version

  • Revit 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 & 2019 version