CBS Ultimate tools

The best Revit add in to enhance your daily works and saving your precious time.


The collection of all Cherry BIM Services apps to help you enhancing your daily works and saving your precious time. Only with 48$, you can use all current Cherry BIM Services 's apps (each apps might cost around 12$ if purchase single add in) and all the future apps published on Autodesk Store.

Pay once and you always have the most updated apps with any new release Revit version.

Functions of the add in

The CBS Ultimate tools contain many different apps to enhance your daily works and saving your precious time:

  • Batch update thumbnail: Your Autodesk® Revit® Family library might contain a thousand Families. Usually, they have many types of thumbnail icon styles (preview images). This makes it hard to search them visually. This app has been created to help you to standardize your Revit Library with your custom option with just one click.

  • Batch upgrade models, families and templates: In Revit, you can easily upgrade an older file version to the current version by opening it in Revit and saving it as the file. But this function only allows you to open files one by one and you must wait until it is finished, in order to process another file. So if you have many files that need to be upgraded, then this add-in will help you to easily upgrade all the Revit model, family, and template files in your library.

  • Warning Manager: The warning message has one of the biggest impacts on the Revit model quality and speed. When you have a lot of warnings it slows you down dramatically. The default warning list of Revit is currently not efficient enough to show the errors to fix. This new tool will help you to manage all warning messages on Revit models with Isolate and create a Bounding box around the error Elements. The number of error types is also displayed in a built-in Pie chart to help you quickly understand which type of major error on your model you need to focus more on.

  • Batch Join, Unjoin Elements with custom order: Revit automatically joins the elements with its default rule. If you want to switch the join order between elements you have to do it manually. If you have a project with thousands of elements that need to be switch joined, this would be a huge task. This tool will help you to quickly Join and Unjoin as many elements as you like with your defined order.

  • Batch detach model (Detach multiple Central files):

    • Adding unlimited number of Central Revit model to be detached and auto upgrade older files to newer version.

    • Removing unnecessary links (CAD links, Revit links, IFC links and Point Cloud links) in Central models.

    • Export NWC directly when detach Central Revit model

    • Adding prefix and suffix to file names

  • Batch export Families: In Revit, you can easily export all the Families with the built-in function. But unfortunately, this function only allows you to export all the families in the model, and it would take a lot of time to wait until it finishes while you only need some families from the current model. This add-in was created to help you easily export only the families you want to:

    • Select to export Families from the whole model or current view. You can select to export the 3D Families or 2D (Annotation) family only.

    • Select the families by category or name.

  • Super find and place family: Finding or searching the correct family in a large model, with hundreds to thousands of families, is a painful task, even for the best computer. The default search function of Revit is not ideal to find what you want. With this powerful tool, now you can quickly search any family with some keyword(s) of their name and quickly place them in the model, saving you lots of time.

  • Batch Export 3D views to NWC: Usually, Revit only allows you to export an NWC file from 3D view one by one and the export option is not easy to config. This tool can help you to save time by exporting multiple 3D views from your selection to multiple NWC files to work with Autodesk® Navisworks® software. All the export options can be quickly defined directly from the add in. You can also easily rename the output file name.

  • Batch Create Central Files: This add-in will help you to batch create multiple Revit Central Files from multiple normal Revit models for your collaboration work. Main function of the add-in:

    • Add multiple files.

    • Add multiple workset names.

    • Add prefix and suffix for output Revit Central models