How to detach multiple Revit central files automatically ?

Detach central file is one of the most common task you need to do before sending Revit models to clients. It is quite easy to detach a single model with the default detach option when you open a Central Revit file. But what if you have too many central files need to detach ? How about a hundred files or more?

How much time do you think you gonna finish this heavy and boring tasks?

We are here to rescue you from wasting your precious time doing those tasks, simply by using our little cool Revit add in. So let's get start.

1. Download the add in

Before getting start, you need to download the add in by following link:

The add in can be easily installed as other normal software. After finishing install the add in, you can start Revit to use this add in under the Cherry BIM tools panel.

Figure 1: Add in button

2. Use the add in to detach central Revit file automatically

You can use the add in in any kind of views (floor plan, ceiling plan, 3D view, drafting view...etc) because this add in will do nothing with the current model, it only detach the central from selected files.

If you haven't active the add in, a warning dialogue will appear to inform you about the remaining trial time (click Close button to ignore).

Figure 2: License dialogue

In the main user interface of the add in, you can easily browse and add Central Revit files on your computer. All the files will be display in the link list.

You can choose different option to detach the Revit files:

  • Detach and discard workset
  • Detach and preserve workset
  • Export the central files to NWC with NWC option:
    • Convert elements properties
    • Export links
    • Divide into levels
    • Find missing materials

Finally, set the output folder and add prefix or suffix for the name of detached models then click on Run button and wait until all the models are detached.

Figure 3: Detach multiple Revit Central models automatically