Batch export 3D views to NWC

Help you quickly export selected 3D views in your model to NWC for coordination checks purpose

General Usage Instruction

Please follow the following step to use the add in:

  • Click on the button View2NWC from CherryBIMX panel

  • In the main User Interface, select the 3D views you want to export to NWC. Then select the output folder and the prefix, sufix of the output files if you want.

  • Switch to Navisworks Export Option tab to select your desire setting for the output NWC files. All the settings are similar with the setting from Revit.

  • After finish with all the setting, click on Export button to start the process and wait until it finish.

Installation / Uninstall

Install the add in from the installer as normal sofware:

Activation/ Support Information

  • After you install the add in, in the first run, it will ask you to active the add in :

  • In the main user interface, click on the activation button and copy the Request Code from the dialouge

  • Send the Request code to our support email:

  • After we verified the purchase, we will generate the activation code and send to you to active the add in

Thank you and have a nice day.