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Saturday, March 23, 2019

How to quickly create section box from rectangular selection in Revit with Cherry BIM tools ?


Revit have a function to create section box from selected elements but it not always convenience incase of the element too big while you only want to view a small area or some linked elements that you can not select. In order to enhance this feature, I created a small tools to help you quickly create a section box from a simple rectangular selection with elevation define by user. 

Feel free to download and try our add in as following link:

Add in guideline

Step 1: 

Make sure you are working on Floor plan or Ceiling plan to use this function. On View Tools panel of Cherry BIM tools, click on the Select 2 section box button: 
Select 2 section box button
After that, please select a rectangular selection just similar with the way you select element in Revit: 
Draw a rectangular selection

After that, a new window form will appear to let you set up the setting for the section box: 
Section box setting
In this windows form, you can define setting for the section box: 
  • Bottom Level
  • Base offset 
  • Top Level
  • Top Offset
Click OK button to start create a section box within the area and elevation you select: 
A new section box is created

For more details, please watch following video: 

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