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Friday, March 22, 2019

How to link multiple Revit models (Batch link) into your current model with Cherry BIM tools ?


Link Revit model into the current open model is very simple task and is the most common task in Revit. But sadly, Revit only allow you to link 1 model each time. So if you work with multiple discipline design where each discipline have multiple files, it would cost you a lot of waste time and resource to link all of them into your model. 
That's why I created this add in  to help you save your time and also enhance your BIM workflow.

Feel free to download and try our add in as following link:

Add in guideline

Step 1: 

On the Batch Tasks panel of the Cherry BIM tools, click on the Batch Link button to open the main interface: 

After click on the button, a new window form will appear for user input: 
Batch link user interface

  1. Click the Add models button to add all models you want to link into the current model. 
  2. Click Remove models button to remove the selected file in Link list if you don't want to link them. 
  3.  In Link option ,  you can choose the option to link : 
    • Origin to Origin 
    • Center to Center (only for Revit 2018 and newer version) 
    • By Shared Coordinate (only for Revit 2018 and newer version) 
    • Project Base point to Project Base point (only for Revit 2018 and newer version) 
  4. Click Batch Link models button to start the linking process.
The waiting time is depended on how many files you need to link into model. The finishing percentage is displayed by the progress bar. 
For more details, please watch following video: 

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