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Monday, March 18, 2019

How to quickly generate hundreds of Structural Framings (Structural Beams) from CAD drawings ?


Naming convention is one of the most important thing you should consider to standardizing your Revit model. Usually all the Type names should follow some rules for example: 
  • Door family should have type with : width x height _material_interior/exterior for example. 
  • Column family should have type with: width x heigh_material/concrete code
All these naming convention usually base on some parameter of Revit family but always have to input manually. Imagine if you have hundreds of type name must be rename following some standard, it would be a disaster to rename them all.
That's why I created this add in  to help you save your time and also enhance your BIM workflow.

Feel free to download and try our add in as following link:

Add in guideline

Step 1: 

Under the Batch Tasks panel of Cherry BIM tools add in, please click on the RenameTypes button: 
Batch Rename Type button
After click on the button, a new window form appear to let you select and rename types: 
The main interface
  • 1.Select Category: please select in the dropdown list the category of elements you want to rename. You can also type in some hint to quickly select the correct Category. 
  • 2. Select Family: If the category you select is not a System Family category (like Walls, Floors, Roofs...etc) you need to choose the Family contain the Types you want to rename. The list of Families will load automatically based on the Category you selected above. 
  • 3. Select Type: if the category you select is a System Family category (like Walls, Floors, Roofs...etc), all of their type will automatically appear when you select the category in 1.Select Category. Otherwise the list of Type will only be loaded after you select the Family in 2. Select Family. You need to select the Types you want to rename (multiple select or single select is acceptable)
You will have 3 options to rename the selected types: 

  1. Find and Replace string in name:  This option is similar with find and replace text in Microsoft Office or any other Office software. Simple input the search string and Replace string you want to replace in the selected Type names.  
  2. Add prefix or suffix to current name: This option allow  you to add some prefix or suffix in the existing Type names by input in the text box Prefix and Suffix above the Batch Rename button. 
  3. Rename with Naming convention setting: This option allow you to rename the selected Type names with new naming convention you define. In Parameter 1; 2; 3; 4 dropdown list, you can choose the parameter you want to get the value to the name.

After select all the needed option, click on Batch Rename button to execute the tasks. After running the code, the type name list will be refresh for you to check the new naming. If you accept, then click OK button to apply the changes to model, or click Cancel to cancel the changes.
Please watch following video for more details: 

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