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Saturday, March 23, 2019

How to detach multiple Central Revit files (Batch Detach) and export to Navisworks at the same time with Cherry BIM tools ?


Detach model from Revit central files and export file to NWC (Navisworks format) are one of the most common task you need to do before sending your model to your clients. This function is already provided in Revit by default, but unfortunately, Revit only allow you to detach manually and one by one files. And if you need to export to NWC files, you need to finished detach model and export to NWC manually as well. 
These tasks would be painful, if you have many files to send. That's why I created this add in  to help you save your time and also enhance your BIM workflow.

Feel free to download and try our add in as following link:

Add in guideline

Step 1: 

On the Batch Tasks panel of the Cherry BIM tools, click on the Batch Detach button to open the main interface: 
Batch Detach button

After click on the button, a new window form will appear for user input: 
Batch Detach interface

  1. Click the Add Central models button to add all models you want to detach
  2. Click Remove item button to remove the selected file in Link list if you don't want to detach them
  3. The add in provided some option for the detach process as following: 
    • Remove all CAD Links: Choose this option if you want to remove all the unnecessarily Auto CAD link in the Central Revit files.
    • Not save Detached models:  Choose this option if you only want to detach model then export to NWC file without saving them. 
    • Discard workset: choose this option if you want to discard the workset of the central model.
    • Preserve workset: choose this option if you want to preserve the workset of the central model.
    • Export to NWC: choose this option if you want to export the detached model to NWC files. When choosing this option, you can also define some option for the output NWC file: 
      • Convert Element properties
      • Export Link
      • Coordinate
      • Divide into Lelvels
      • Find missing materials
4. Saved Path: click this button to choose the output folder. You can also copy paste the path into the text box beside the Saved Path button. If you want to add suffix or prefix for the output file, you can define in the suffix and prefix text box. 
5. Run: click this button to start the process.
The waiting time is depended on how many files you need to link into model. The finishing percentage is displayed by the progress bar. 
For more details, please watch following video: 

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