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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Autodesk Desktop Connector - manage your cloud data from your desktop

Autodesk Desktop Connector
Autodesk Desktop Connector
Big new from Autodesk, the newest releases of Desktop Connector for BIM 360 Team. Desktop Connector is a file management software that connects your PC and cloud data of BIM 360, allowing you to easily manage all data in your projects.

So what does Desktop Connector mean for you?

With Desktop Connector, you can now open, save, move, rename, and delete files from your BIM 360 cloud project directly from your PC just similar to other Cloud storage likes Google drive, Onedrive, Dropbox...etc.
If you are a member of a BIM 360 Team, all data of project that you have the permission to access will appear on your desktop that you can view by Windows® Explorer or macOS® Finder. You can access all the data in Explorer or Finder just like any other folder on your computer.
Team coordination will have a great benefit from this. The file structure of your cloud drive (BIM 360 Team) is now on your computer as well as your team members’ desktops. If they have permission to view these files, your team member can now easily access them too.
Now you can drag and drop to the cloud, even when offline. Manage files in your cloud storage just like you would on your computer, all from your desktop. Drag-and-drop, copy to the cloud, you can do it all.
You can download by following link: the latest version of Desktop Connector to manage your projects data.

So much easier with collaboration for Revit user

This new release is extremely helpful for your BIM workflow, especially if you use Collaboration for Revit, Revit 2018, and BIM 360 Team. You no longer have to use additional or external cloud storage solutions (like Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box) to make cloud project data available to all team members. Working with huge project data becomes so much easier.

Some benefits to your Collaboration for Revit process:
  • Link cloud Revit Models to DWG files in the same BIM 360 Team Project
  • Easily link cloud Revit Models to other common data files like keynotes, project wikis, shared parameters, or Uniformat files
  • Link to non-cloud workshared Revit Models from external consultants in the same project. You can regularly update these by simply uploading a new version to BIM 360 Team

Connect your cloud and desktop experience

Desktop Connector integrates your cloud data source (i.e. your files in BIM 360) with your desktop folder and file structure. All changes you or your team make to project data from a desktop application will be automatically upload and sync back to the cloud data in BIM 360, no manual tasks required.
Autodesk Desktop Connector 2
Connect your cloud and desktop experience
Unlike other sync solutions, all project files are not synced to each team member’s workstation—locally and in the cloud. This sets BIM 360 Team apart from other cloud storage solutions—saving your local storage and reduces bandwidth consumption. Only the data that you and your team are actively working on is synced to team members’ computers.

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